With Dr. Worthington’s Chiropractic Care, I Transformed Myself from Being “Fat Freddy” to “Fast Freddy”!

In June of 2005, I injured my back, severe enough for me to be issued a handicapped parking sticker. The injury to my sciatic nerve inhibited my ability to walk. Through chiropractic care from Dr. Todd Worthington and implementing a nutrition program, I was able to get completely off my pain medication, Vicodin, within 30 days. At the time of my injury, I was an obese couch potato and had … [Read more...]

Tips for Healthy and Happy Living from Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick

Tip 1: Eat a Nutritious Breakfast Everyday Diet plays a major role in healthy and happy living. It’s not only important to watch what you eat, but also when you eat. Your mother probably told you (and may still be telling you) to eat a good breakfast. We agree with mom! If you are skipping the most important meal of the day (breakfast), then this could be a huge opportunity towards a more … [Read more...]