Chiropractic is The Only Way To Go! This is The Place for Physical and Mental Betterment

I would not be in the physical condition I am today without chiropractic care. I came to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness on June 16, 2016 with pain in my lower right back and sciatic nerve. For more than 3 days, I had been in the worst pain I have ever encountered. I was totally incapacitated. I attempted to relieve the pain with pills but had zero results.  My wife and others suggested I … [Read more...]

Our Focus for August: Back-to-School and Sciatica

Happy August! Summer is flying by quickly. Before you know it, school bells will be ringing and the leaves will start to change. The beginning of August is a perfect time to schedule an appointment for your students and get them MAXIMIZED for the upcoming school year. Heavy backpacks and the different types of stress being in the school environment once again can wreak havoc on the spine and … [Read more...]

The Excruciating Pain Caused by My Sciatic Nerve is Gone!

Ever since I was in elementary school, I can remember suffering from horrible hip, leg, neck and back pain. My daily activities and sleeping were a challenge due to the pain. Throughout the years I have been seen by several physicians. I was told my hips are not aligned and I suffer from sciatica. Unfortunately, the only treatment for this would be surgery or pain medication. I refused. I also … [Read more...]