I Couldn’t Take The Shoulder Pain Any Longer. Now, I Have Almost Full Range of Motion and No Pain

In the spring of 2017,  I started a project in my backyard. While working on that project I injured my right shoulder. At first I didn't think much of it, although I couldn't raise my arm above my shoulder. I thought it was just soreness and getting older catching up to me. The problem persisted for a few more weeks and became very painful if I moved my shoulder in almost any direction. It … [Read more...]

I Have Fully Recovered From My Frozen Shoulder and Have Full Range of Motion with No Pain

I would like to thank Dr. Patrick Baker of Baker Chiropractic and Wellness for his expedient and novel treatment of my frozen shoulder. A frozen shoulder is extremely painful and there is very limited range of motion. This made everyday tasks very difficult and created problems for me at work. I had 2 episodes of frozen shoulder in the past and in each case the problems lasted over a year … [Read more...]

A Shoulder Injury Cost Him a Football Scholarship. Our Chiropractic Care Helped Him Get It Back!

"When I first met Dr. Patrick Baker it was at Autozone. I was recently coming off losing a football scholarship due to a shoulder injury. I was pretty down about everything. I had went through a year of rehab and I still couldn't do push ups or bench press or anything related to my shoulders. When I was talking to Doc, I explained that to him. He started telling me there was a possibility that I … [Read more...]