I Finally Found Relief From Over 10 Years of Chronic Sinus Infections and Ear Pain

Early one morning, I sent a message to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. By 4:00 pm that same afternoon I started on my road to recovery. Over 10 years ago, I began having chronic ear and sinus infections. I have 2 older sisters and they both began having ear infections around the same age. They both had PE tubes placed and never had issues with ear infections again. My primary care doctor … [Read more...]

Sinus Headache Symptoms and Relief

Your head is congested and your face hurts. You press on your cheeks and there’s pain. The pain comes from an inflammation in your sinuses. In addition, you also have the headache that usually accompanies the sinus congestion. Sometimes the symptoms of a migraine and a sinus headache can be confused, however, sensitivity to light, sound and nausea generally only accompany migraines. Symptoms of … [Read more...]