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Tachycardia Gets Healed with Chiropractic Adjustments

Elease came to us after noticing a small curve in her back. While at our clinic, she mentioned to Dr. Paul she was having some heart problems because of a condition called Tachycardia. After receiving chiropractic adjustments, she is seeing improvements. Here’s her story as she tells it: “I began being treated at Baker Chiropractic […]

Baker Chiropractic Patient Qualifies for World CrossFit Games

Local Resident and Baker Chiropractic Patient Bev Mitchell Qualifies for World Cross Fit Games Baker Chiropractic patient Bev Mitchell has qualified for the World CrossFit Games that will take place next week in Los Angeles, CA. The World CrossFit Games are the ultimate fitness test. Qualifying for the Games is a huge accomplishment. George Vogel […]

Journal of the American Medical Association Recommends Chiropractic Care

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Suggests Patients With Low Back Pain Use Chiropractic Care An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests patients with low back pain try chiropractic care. According to the article, back surgery is not usually necessary for the treatment of low back pain. To read […]

Claims Linking Omega-3 to Prostate Cancer Are Not Valid

Recent medical news headlines have been delivering messages about a new study that links omega-3 plasma levels to an increased risk of prostate cancer. These messages are misleading. Dr. William Harris is an internationally recognized expert on omega-3. He has written an article responding to this study. In the article, Dr. Harris states: “There are several critical […]

Tips for Healthy and Happy Living from Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick

Tip 5: Healthy & Nutritious Summer Foods That Help Cool You Off It’s mid-July and the temperatures along with the humidity are soaring. With more of these days on the way, air conditioning isn’t the only way to cool down. There are a variety of healthy and nutritious summer foods that have a “cooling” effect […]

Over The Counter Pain Medications with Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen

An Enlightening Video From Dr. Oz About OTC Pain Medications Watch this video from the Dr. Oz Show about over-the-counter medications containing Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen (please click on the below image):   At Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, we don’ t utilize medications to treat pain. We want you to avoid all toxins! Instead, we determine […]

Baker Chiropractic Care is Keeping Paula Wheel Chair Free

I am 43 years old.  I was born with Spina Bifida and I have had 42 surgeries.  I have been going to the Baker Chiropractic for more than 10 years.  I go at least 2 or 3 times a week and it is the only thing that is keeping me out of a wheel chair. […]

Brittany Listened to Mom and Found Relief from Her Migraines

Brittany was no stranger to the pain from migraine headaches. They were taking her to dark places (literally) and she was not finding any relief. Fortunately, her mother recommended Baker Chiropractic and she listened. Today Brittany is free from migraine headache pain. It goes to show, the old saying is correct…”Mother Knows Best!” Here’s Brittany’s […]

See How Our Chiropractic Care Helped This Boy’s Overall Health

One of the many benefits of our chiropractic care is how it addresses and optimizes a person’s overall health (both physical and mental). Kasey is a great example of how and why it works. Here’s this boy’s story:   I found out about Baker Chiropractic from another parent on my sons football team. The parent […]

Featured Patient Julie Johnson

Julie came to us for troubles she was having with her neck. After talking with Dr. Baker, she learned he could help her with health problems she thought she would have to live with for the rest of her life. Here’s Julie’s great story:   “I came to see Dr. Patrick Baker because I was […]