Extreme Hand and Wrist Pain Gone After Chiropractic Care

"Before going to Dr. Garrett at Baker Chiropractic, I was experiencing a variety of symptoms that were constantly changing and continuing to worsen. At different times my symptoms aligned with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Gout, Tendonitis, Trigger Finger, Tennis Elbow and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Confusing. What started out as a little wrist pain gradually evolved into extreme pain in both hands, … [Read more...]

My Wrist and Hands Were Swollen and Inflamed But I Finally Found Relief and Have My Life Back!

In May 2015, I grossly injured my bilateral wrists mowing my lawn, a task I formerly enjoyed for over 30 years. Right away, my wrists and hands were swollen and inflamed. Simple tasks such as turning a key in the ignition, washing and combing my hair, opening jars, writing a letter, opening a car door, shoveling snow, raking the leaves, turning the wheel on my car to make a turn, or brushing my … [Read more...]

Wrist Pain and Carpal Tunnel

Wrist Pain and Carpal Tunnel Sometimes what seems painfully obvious is not actually correct. Take wrist pain. The problem must be in your wrist, right? Not always. There can be nerve interference elsewhere that is causing or adding to that pain. Let’s look at carpal tunnel syndrome. Feel along the back of your wrist for the carpals, those eight small bones grouped in two rows. Held together with … [Read more...]