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Talawanda High School Student Wins $100 in Freedom From Fast Food Challenge

Talawanda High School Freedom from Fast Food winnerTalawanda High School student Michael Nichols was awarded a $100 gift certificate for his winning essay in “The Freedom from Fast Food Challenge Contest” sponsored by Cincinnati and Fairfield physicians, Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker.

Dr. Patrick Baker visited Talawanda High School in Oxford, Ohio yesterday to personally congratulate Michael and deliver his prize.

Dr. Baker conducted a presentation at the high school at the end of October 2011 and talked to the Talawanda students about the importance of eating healthy and nutritious foods. He also challenged the students and their families to refrain from eating fast food for a period of 30 days. After the thirty day period, he asked the students to write a brief essay on their experience and what they learned for judging and a grand prize of $100.

“Dr. Paul and I are committed to helping kids of all ages understand and focus on the food they eat,” exclaimed Dr. Patrick Baker. “They need to know what foods are essential for health and wellness as well as the foods that can lead to detrimental health conditions like obesity and diabetes. If we can get students to stay away from fast food for a period of 30 days with $100 as an incentive, we are seeing in their essays how they recognize the many benefits of nutritious foods in the way they feel,” he added.

Michael’s essay supports Dr. Baker’s statement. He writes, “During the course of the 30 days, I had to fight many urges to eat food that I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat. But I realized after about one and a half weeks, you don’t feel like you have a need for them. When I completed the Challenge, I felt it was an accomplishment for me that I managed to succeed.”

In addition to the $100 gift certificate, Michael also received a copy of the doctors’ book, What Did I Just Eat Surprising Facts About Food.

For those interested in holding this contest for their school or organization, please visit www.doctorspaulandpatrick.com for more information.