Olivia Hendren

Olivia Hendren

I’m originally from North Carolina, moved to the Cincinnati area in 2009, and have been a team member of Baker Chiropractic and Wellness since 2011.

My first chiropractic experience was back in North Carolina during my senior year of high school. That year I was in a terrible front-impact car accident that left me with constant numbness and tingling down my arms, an excruciating and persistent migraine, as well as achy low back pain. This lasted for three or four days with no end in sight (and no help from the hospital) until I had endured enough.

It was at that point that my mother suggested I go to the chiropractor to relieve those symptoms. The next day I had x-rays taken, and soon thereafter received my first life-changing chiropractic adjustment. Almost instantly after my adjustment, as if it were magic, my migraine went away, the numbness and tingling stopped, and my lower back pain had subsided.

At that moment I knew the power and healing of chiropractic and how it would temporarily be in my life, one way or another. From that point on, I continued to get adjustments off and on throughout the years until I moved here to Cincinnati and eventually became a part of the Baker Chiropractic family.

I can honestly say that my life is temporarily changed from the care I have received from our magnificent doctors (as I continue to get adjusted on a weekly basis) and the knowledge they have imparted on me about true health and healing.

It is a true pleasure to work here and help our patients to further their own journey in health and wellness.