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Ten Years of Neck Pain Eliminated and a Dramatic Improvement in Overall Health

neck pain relief for Madeira Ohio patient Kent Fennel
Kent Fennell and Dr. Matt Finke

“I had severe neck pain which emanated to my shoulder blades and shoulder joints. For about ten years, the pain consistently occurred with periods of lesser pain.

The cause of my pain was years of abuse from sports, farm work and heavy lifting. At its worse, my pain caused mood swings and an almost paralyzing helpless feeling.

The pain affected how much work I could do around the house and reduced how much I could swim because I could not look upward without severe pain. Standing for any prolonged period of time was impossible due to the back pain. The pain was also not a good thing at social events.

I tried going to an orthopedic doctor, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medications. I also had an MRI and cat scans. I saw an advertisement in a magazine for Baker Chiropractic and Wellness and decided to contact them.

Today, my neck and back pain are gone. I can lift things without fear of causing the pain to return and my overall general health has improved dramatically. The allergies that have affected me all of my life have been greatly diminished if not healed.

I could not expect any better treatment. Dr. Matt Finke is the first doctor who genuinely cares for my overall health other than my cardiologist who is a lifetime friend, high school buddy and college roommate.  No matter what ails me at any given visit, Dr. Matt and his team never give up on relieving my pain successfully.”*

– Kent Fennell

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.