Testimonial – Carol Rice

I’ve wanted to write this since coming to Dr. Patrick Baker. I just didn’t know where to start, so I’ll start at the beginning. Over 35 years ago I injured my lower back at home. I went to a chiropractor (not to this one) for a brief time with no relief. Then I started working at an orthopedic office where I have been for 21 years. One of the doctors there over the years has sent me for epidural injections, nerve blocks, physical therapy, etc. only getting temporary relief each time. The only thing that I stayed away from was pain medications and I am grateful for that. The last few years I have been getting worse, and even walking crooked. Every step was painful. I also had herniated 2 discs in my neck in 2005. Sometimes the pain would be so bad, I felt suicidal. I hadn’t slept all night long in years.

My husband started going to Dr. Baker when he herniated his low back. Shortly after, I had sciatica and Dr. Baker’s office got me in that day. I could barely walk in, but only 1 hour later I walked out straight…and straighter than I had been in a long time! I knew right then I had found some hope! I was even able to fly to California to visit my sister. Before then, even a short car ride was painful. Every day is better. I’m even looking forward to resuming my hobbies, which are landscape photography and working in my yard. I would urge anyone who is in pain to not give up and come in to see Dr. Baker. He and his staff are wonderful! It is certainly worth it. Mere words are not enough. And did I forget to mention, I’ve been going there less than 2 months! It truly will be a Merry Christmas!!


I wanted to update my testimony that I had written in December. I had only been going to Dr. Baker’s 6 weeks at that time. Now it has been 4 months since I started. I continue to get better with every adjustment. I still feel like I am dreaming sometime. I didn’t think I would ever get relief from the pain. I am sleeping great, and am able to stand and cook the great meals we are learning to eat. Before I couldn’t stand very long at a time without pain. Dr Patrick Baker and his staff really care about their patients.

He had a seminar which was very informative. He offered a 30 day challenge and he arranged for a personal trainer 2 days a week. All at no charge to us. My husband and I have been eating the menus from one of his books for 2 weeks, along with protein powder and supplements we purchased. We can both tell a big difference! Both of our blood pressures are down.

I feel so blessed to have Dr Baker and his staff in my life. I will never forget what They have done for me.

If this is a dream, please don’t wake me!

2nd Update…

I have been going to Dr. Patrick Baker’s for 5 months now. I am currently going 2 times per week. Besides feeling better by getting maximized, I have gotten off all my meds! I got off my beta blocker, then off my cholesterol medicine. My last lab results showed everything within normal limits! Then I got off my blood pressure medicine. Since then, my blood pressure has been normal and a little lower than it was when I was on the meds.

Besides getting my spine in alignment, I have been eating better the past 6 weeks. Drinking 1 protein shake a day, no breads, pasta, sodas, snacking or eating out.

I feel so much better and I thank God that he lead me to Dr. Baker. I am sleeping better and have a better quality of life!

Thanks to Dr. Baker and all his staff for being here when I needed them.

God Bless,

Carol Rice