The Flow of Life: Your Brain, Spine and Nervous System

When a mother’s egg is fertilized, the electricity of life begins and cells start to multiple and divide. The first things these cells create are the brain and spinal cord. From the spinal cord, little branches of nerves begin to spread outward. The combination of your brain, spinal cord and nerves becomes your central nervous system. Once your central nervous system is in place, “buds” will form at the end of nerves. These buds are the beginning of all your vital organs such as your heart, liver and kidneys. Therefore, your brain and central nervous system literally control every cell within your body. These cells form tissue, tissue forms organs and organs form systems. Put all these systems together and you have just created the human body. It’s extremely important to understand the human brain controls every microscopic cell within you and the brain communicates with each of the millions of cells via the nervous system. This is the Flow of Life. This is how the brain delivers the necessary energy to your body to make it function. Think of the sun and the vital energy it delivers to the entire earth via rays of sunshine in order to give life to plants, animals and humans. The brain is the source of energy that gives life to the human body.

The brain delivers the energy of life to the body via the nervous system much like the sun delivers energy to the earth via rays of sunshine. When storm clouds fill the sky, these clouds interfere with the rays of sunshine and darkness sets in. The full energy of the sun is filtered and distorted before it reaches the surface of the earth. Similarly, many situations can develop within your body whereby the energy sent by your brain through your nervous system becomes filtered and distorted. This interference is known as a Subluxation. Bones or joints may become misaligned and nerves can become irritated, pinched, stretched or compressed which all causes inference in the flow of energy from the brain. When this energy is distorted or blocked, a variety of symptoms will surface including extreme pain.

The diagram on this page shows how the nerves running through each area of your spine control certain areas of your body and your various organs. It also lists the ailments, disorders and diseases that may arise as a result of a subluxation at the location of each vertebra in the spine.

The Experience and Knowledge to Quickly Diagnose and Remove Subluxations

Baker Chiropractic has the extensive knowledge and vast experience necessary to quickly identify subluxations and remove these interferences through a precision adjustment or series of precision adjustments. Once the subluxations are removed, the amount of energy from the brain can fully reach all areas of the body and restore the Flow of Life. Contact us today or schedule an appointment now. We can help you.