The Many Benefits of Vitamin D and Chiropractic Care

Vitamin D 3Exposure to sun is a natural way for your body to receive Vitamin D. While this can be both relaxing and nourishing to your body, did you know that receiving regular chiropractic care may also improve your body’s ability to absorb and process Vitamin D?

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is just as important a vitamin as all those other lettered vitamins you hear about. It has been shown to help:

1. Absorb calcium
2. Build strong bones and teeth
3. Improve immune function
4. Promote cardiovascular health and weight loss


The Power of a Healthy Nervous System

Chiropractic care doesn’t treat Vitamin D deficiencies, but a person often can better absorb and process Vitamin D by having a healthy nervous system. The nervous system is the master system of your body. This system controls every organ, muscle, and tissue, including your skin – the largest organ of your body!

When your spine is out of place, this can put pressure on nerves. As specific chiropractic adjustments are made to your spine, your spinal bones are moved back in place, taking pressure off the nerves traveling to your skin and other organs. Reducing this pressure or interference improves the health of your nervous system. With a healthy nervous system, your skin is better able to send sensory information to the brain to help the body know how to properly function. When your skin is able to do its job, your body is then able to properly access and use Vitamin D for your overall health.

Working Together

Vitamin D and chiropractic care make a winning team. Together, they can help you have a healthier immune system, a healthier working heart, and an overall higher quality of life.

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