The Right Pillow for Sleeping Makes a Big Difference

right pillow for sleepingYou sleep seven to eight hours a night and wake up with a sore neck or neck pain, feeling like you didn’t rest at all. Did you ever think that your pillow might have something to do with it?

While a good night’s sleep starts with a quiet dark room and a comfortable mattress, how you sleep on that mattress is also important. The muscles that support your neck and back during your waking hours need to get the proper rest to be able to do their job each day. And your pillow plays a vital role with that.

As you might expect, the best position for sleep is lying on your side or in the fetal position because it helps maintain the natural S-curve in your spine. Sleeping on your stomach arches the spine and makes the back and neck muscles work overtime, forcing your head to one side or the other all night long.

If you’re a “stomach sleeper” and find it a difficult habit to break, what some have done is sewn a tennis ball or some other lightweight object, mid-torso on the front of their sleeping clothes. It’s not a fashion statement, but it can help break you of the habit.

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