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The Root Cause of Most Headaches

Migraine HeadacheAlmost everyone knows the pain and suffering that accompanies a headache. Even the faintest headache can alter desires, mood, function, and quality of life.

An estimated 47% of all people have at least one headache per year. Twenty eight (28) million Americans experience migraine headaches more than once a month. The numbers are staggering and the cause is almost always overlooked.

Medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies usually recommend taking dangerous drugs as a solution to treating the symptoms of all types of headaches.

While June receives recognition for being National Headache Awareness month, July is an opportunity to take action and reach headache sufferers with some great evidence that can spark a change in how headaches are viewed and treated.

An article was published in the 1995 Journal of BioMed and Pharmacotherapies by a well-known research scientist named Nikolai Bogduk. “The Anatomy and Physiology of a Headache” presents compelling evidence that all headaches stem directly or indirectly from the neck.

Bogduk wrote about a specific part of the spinal cord called the trigeminal cervical nucleus that has been found to be a major factor in all headaches. The article concludes with a statement advising all headache sufferers to be evaluated bio-mechanically for any postural or neck aberrations in order to repair the root cause of the headache. This recommendation comes as a solid solution rather than a temporary masking of symptoms through drug use.

Many Headache Sufferers Experience Significant Relief from Chiropractic Care

Bogduk’s study does an exceptional job explaining why all headache sufferers can greatly benefit from a Chiropractic adjustment. Medicinal relief for headache pain produces billions of dollars in revenue for pharmaceutical companies while millions of people around the world suffer recurrent symptoms and cyclical relief from drugs that only mask the problem.

The science behind how the spine, posture, and mechanics of the body relate to headaches is very clear. Chiropractors have been successfully addressing the cause of the problem for over a hundred years. Chiropractic care achieves great success while improving the overall health and well-being of people from all walks of life.

June was headache awareness month. July should represent headache solution month for the millions of people suffering from the captive cycle of pain and drugs!

Millions of people suffer from headaches and a large majority of them think that only drugs can help. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Normal headaches are 1-2 PER YEAR! Most people suffer from that per week.

We all know someone who suffers from headaches. You could change their life by sharing this research with them.

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