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Tip 3: Take at Least One “Time-Out” Every Day

Healthy Tip #3In almost all sports, opponents are allowed a certain number of “time-outs” during a game.  By using a “time-out”, teams can stop an opponent’s momentum, prevent something negative from happening, reevaluate their strategy and re-energize.

In our daily lives, personal “time-outs” should be used for the same reasons teams call time-outs during games.

Stress is a constant opponent in all our lives. Juggling the demands of work, home, school and other commitments will make a day move fast and it’s easy for stress to build momentum quickly.  A brief “time-out” will allow you to prevent the day from spiraling out of control, reevaluate your priorities and recharge your batteries.

One of the keys to great health is an optimized mind. You must be in the right frame of mind and have the right attitude in order to realize a life of health and happiness. Time-outs are essential tools to help you manage stress, gain perspective and re-enter the game of life with renewed energy and motivation.

Do yourself a huge favor and take a 15-30 minute “time-out” each day. Find a quiet spot and unwind, put on a set of headphones and lose yourself in your favorite music, take a walk, visit your favorite fitness center or read a few chapters of a book. There are 1,440 minutes during a day. Using 2% of those minutes for a “time-out” can have a dramatic and positive effect on your life.

There have been many sports teams who turned a game around after a “time-out” and ended up winners when the game was over. A “time-out” in your daily life can do the same for you and help you live a life of health and happiness.

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