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Tip 4: Invest in Your Future – Manage Your Health & Quality of Life Score

Health Risk Assessment ScoreMost people look forward to the day when they can retire from their job and live life on their terms.

The retirement phase of life is so important that we begin thinking about it and planning for it early in our adult years.

Retirement benefits are extremely attractive to employees. In fact, a lot of people pursue careers and employment opportunities based on the retirement benefits offered by companies or organizations.

People also save and invest significant amounts of their income over the course of their careers in 401K or other retirement plans so they can be financially prepared when they do retire.

When asked, the majority of people immediately know the current balance in their 401K account or retirement plan. As outlined above, these are very important numbers for people because of the impact these numbers have on their future.

Quality of Life Score RatingNumbers that are even more important than the balance in a retirement plan account are Health and Quality of Life Scores.  Your investment in properly managing your Health and Quality of Life Scores will pay huge dividends in the retirement phase of your life by avoiding chronic sickness and disease. After all, who cares if you have millions of dollars in retirement plan account if you are not healthy to enjoy the money when the time comes?

So how do you know what your Health and Quality of Life Score is?

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) will provide you with that information. This is an inexpensive and enlightening tool for knowing exactly where you are with your overall health today and what your future health looks like based on your current lifestyle.

To learn more about a Health Risk Assessment, please visit the following link on our website:  Health Risk Assessment

Please invest in your future physical and mental health as carefully and prudently as you are investing in your future financial health.  The return on that investment will be priceless during the retirement years of life.

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