The Webster Technique Flipped Our Breech Baby Into Position and Delivery Could Not Have Gone Smoother

Chiropractic Webster Technique for Breach Babies
Nick T. and Lily

“My wife and I recently had our 2nd child. The baby was completely healthy and delivery couldn’t have gone any smoother. We have to give a big thanks to Dr. Garrett Knuckles at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness because this was beyond our expectations.

A few months prior to the due date we found out the baby was breech transverse with spine down. The (medical) doctor informed us that this would most likely result in a high risk C-section.

I had heard Dr. Knuckles talk about the “Webster” technique and how it can help flip breeched babies. So, we crossed our fingers and my wife went in for a few adjustments.

A few weeks later and only a few days before the due date the baby flipped and the rest is history!

Thank you so much Dr. Knuckles!”*

Nick T.


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