What Our Patients Say

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Real Life Stories About Our Chiropractic Care

Carol is a perfect example of why people come to us for pain relief & stay for a life of health and wellness!


Baker Chiropractic Featured Patient Carol RiceI’ve wanted to write this since coming to Dr. Patrick Baker. I just didn’t know where to start, so I’ll start at the beginning. Over 35 years ago I injured my lower back at home. I went to a chiropractor (not to this one) for a brief time with no relief. Then I started working at an orthopedic office where I have been for 21 years. One of the doctors there over the years has sent me for epidural injections, nerve blocks, physical therapy, etc. only getting temporary relief each time. The only thing that I stayed away from was pain medications and I am grateful for that. The last few years I have been getting worse, and even walking crooked. Every step was painful. I also had herniated 2 discs in my neck in 2005. Sometimes the pain would be so bad, I felt suicidal. I hadn’t slept all night long in years.

My husband started going to Dr. Baker when he herniated his low back. Shortly after, I had sciatica and Dr. Baker’s office got me in that day. I could barely walk in, but only 1 hour later I walked out straight…and straighter than I had been in a long time! I knew right then I had found some hope! I was even able to fly to California to visit my sister. Before then, even a short car ride was painful. Every day is better. I’m even looking forward to resuming my hobbies, which are landscape photography and working in my yard. I would urge anyone who is in pain to not give up and come in to see Dr. Baker. He and his staff are wonderful! It is certainly worth it. Mere words are not enough. And did I forget to mention, I’ve been going there less than 2 months! It truly will be a Merry Christmas!!


I wanted to update my testimony that I had written in December. I had only been going to Dr. Baker’s 6 weeks at that time. Now it has been 4 months since I started. I continue to get better with every adjustment. I still feel like I am dreaming sometime. I didn’t think I would ever get relief from the pain. I am sleeping great, and am able to stand and cook the great meals we are learning to eat. Before I couldn’t stand very long at a time without pain. Dr Patrick Baker and his staff really care about their patients.

He had a seminar which was very informative. He offered a 30 day challenge and he arranged for a personal trainer 2 days a week. All at no charge to us. My husband and I have been eating the menus from one of his books for 2 weeks, along with protein powder and supplements we purchased. We can both tell a big difference! Both of our blood pressures are down.

I feel so blessed to have Dr Baker and his staff in my life. I will never forget what They have done for me.

If this is a dream, please don’t wake me!

2nd Update…

I have been going to Dr. Patrick Baker’s for 5 months now. I am currently going 2 times per week. Besides feeling better by getting maximized, I have gotten off all my meds! I got off my beta blocker, then off my cholesterol medicine. My last lab results showed everything within normal limits! Then I got off my blood pressure medicine. Since then, my blood pressure has been normal and a little lower than it was when I was on the meds.

Besides getting my spine in alignment, I have been eating better the past 6 weeks. Drinking 1 protein shake a day, no breads, pasta, sodas, snacking or eating out.

I feel so much better and I thank God that he lead me to Dr. Baker. I am sleeping better and have a better quality of life!

Thanks to Dr. Baker and all his staff for being here when I needed them.

God Bless,

Carol Rice


Video Testimonials from Our Chiropractic Patients

Watch and listen to these patients tell their story of never giving up and finally escaping pain:

Medical Doctors Who Are Patients

“When I first came to Dr. Paul at Baker Chiropractic, I could hardly walk because my back was in spasm. My residents and medical students had to push me around the hospital in a wheelchair! Using a well-rounded treatment approach including an absolutely painless adjustment, I was 30 percent better in just one visit. By the end of the week, I was walking upright and pain free. All without the need for anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, or pain pills!”
Brian M. Masterson, MD

“It is my belief that Chiropractic Medicine is one of the misunderstood, underappreciated, and perhaps, effective treatment modalities available. I attribute my being able to remain off the “disabled list” to Dr. Paul Baker’s remarkable clinical skill and knowledge.”
Mark Heintzelman, PH.D.

“Before seeing Dr. Baker I was having pain in my neck and lower back that was radiating into my legs. My activity level and quality of life was quite limited. Now I still feel some occasional discomfort but the pain has subsided and I am now mobile enough to coach my daughter’s basketball team and go shopping with my wife. I also really enjoy the family atmosphere in the office. Everyone is so friendly and remembers your name. This helps makes the total experience so pleasant.”
Dr. Steve Thomas

“Just like Drs. Paul and Patrick Baker, I knew at a very young age that I wanted to care for people. I became a medical doctor dedicated to helping people prevent health problems from developing in the first place. As an OB/GYN who has cared for hundreds of expectant mothers and delivered their babies, pregnant women as well as their newborn children can benefit greatly from chiropractic care in the prevention and treatment of many ailments, disorders and diseases. Removing subluxations through chiropractic care enables people of all ages to maximize their health.”
Maureen Pelletier, M.D., C.C.N., F.A.C.O.G.
LaValle Metabolic Institute
Director of Functional Medicine


Professional Athletes Who Are Patients

I played with a left hamstring injury since playing college football at Washington University. I went to doctors all over the country to find out what was wrong, and none of the doctors could figure out the problem in my hamstring. I went to Drs. Baker and they found a huge knot in my hamstring and they were able to release it and treat my hamstring problem that I have had since college. I now get adjusted before and after every game. I have been injury free for the past 3 years and have been to the last three Pro Bowls.

Corey Dillon, NFL Pro Bowl Running Back


Playing in the NFL is very physically demanding on my lower back. Over the last two years of getting adjusted by the Bakers, my lower back has felt 100% better. My lower back is more flexible and strong. I’ve been injury free since I have been getting adjusted.

Brian Simmons, Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker

I have never felt better since getting my back adjusted and getting my hamstrings released before and after each game. Since I have been under regular Chiropractic care with Drs. Baker I have been more resilient to injuries and much more flexible. Getting adjusted before and after each game has made a huge difference in my performance

Adrian Ross, NFL Linebacker

I have been a professional bodybuilder for over ten years and I have literally injured almost every joint and muscle in my body. I have been getting adjusted and massaged at Baker Family Chiropractic regularly for the past two years and I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my life. My neck, shoulders and back feel so much better after getting adjusted. I am able to train with as much intensity now as I did when I was 25 years old.
Thanks for all your help Doctors.

Franco Santoriello, IFBB Professional Body Builder

Patients of All Ages and Walks of Life

I first found Baker Chiropractic after injuring my back. I was standing on a patch of ice while lifting my 5 year old into her car seat. I started to slide and twisted in an odd direction to avoid dropping my daughter. I felt an odd sensation in my back when I fell then the pain started. I spent two days in bed using ice and heating pads. Nothing was helping. I had always been rather skeptical chiropractics believing it was gimmicky nonsense. At this point though with 3 young children and being in such pain I became desperate. I made my appointment and met with Dr Baker still quite skeptical. When my adjustment was over I was amazed at the relief I felt. I was able to move again. I admit I was shocked how well it worked.

My mother suffered from a lot of neck, back and joint pain. After hearing and seeing how much I was helped by my adjustment she decided to give it a try as well. Very skeptical at first she has now become a regular at Baker Chiropractics. After being a client for a while Dr Baker told me about how chiropractics can help ADD & ADHD. Unwilling to medicate my 5 year old for her ADD I decided to start bringing her in for adjustments as well. She loves Dr Baker and her adjustments. She talks about how they make her feel better. My 88 year old grandmother lives overseas in the Netherlands. She suffers from major neck pain due to degeneration. Dr Baker has started giving her adjustments when she visits us. After trying everything in The Netherlands from injections in the neck to deaden the nerves to major pain killers we have finally found something that helps her pain, adjustments at Baker Chiropractic.

Now nearly a year later Dr Baker is now treating 4 generations of women in my family. I am very happy I found Baker Chiropractic.

Mara Murphy


Dr. Patrick Baker and Julie JohnsonI came to see Dr. Patrick Baker because I was having trouble with my neck. I sit all day at a computer and my fingers in my right hand were going numb. I knew from past chiropractic care from another doctor the problem I was experiencing was from my neck. After several adjustments I was feeling so much better.

While talking to Dr. Baker he told me that he could help me with my headaches and shoulder pain. This was something I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life.

My headaches were so frequent my primary care medical doctor was having me log them so we could try to figure out what was triggering them.

After several of Dr. baker’s chiropractic adjustments, I am happy to say I am not suffering from headaches anymore!

As for my shoulders, they used to be rounded forward and  I did not realize how bad they were.

Now with Dr. Bakers help, my shoulders are almost back to normal and my posture is so much better.

Julie J.


Baker Chiropractic Patient Kasey CookI found out about Baker Chiropractic from another parent on my sons football team. The parent approached me and politely pointed out he noticed my son ran awkwardly and was one of the slowest kids on the team.

When Kasey was two, he fell and broke his femur. He was put in a body cast for two months. After the cast came off he had to learn how to sit up, crawl and walk again. I noticed right away that something wasn’t right about the way he moved and that he did not like to run. We went to different medical doctors about it several times. The answer was always the same, “He will out grow it.”

Around the same time he broke his leg, he started having asthma attacks in his sleep. It was to the point I would have to run hot steamy showers to get him to stop coughing. We also thought Kasey was a hard headed child that would not listen to anything we asked him to do. Come to find out he had so much fluid build up behind his ear drums that he could not hear us. They put tubes in his ears to drain the fluid but he continued to have ear infections at least once a month. Kasey also struggled with school work. He knew the answers to questions but was not able to process them from his mind to paper. He had a hard time blending sounds when reading simple stories.

We decided to take this parent’s advice and go see Dr. Baker. Come to find out Kaseys upper spine was out which was connected to his ears and his thinking process. His lower spine was also out from breaking his leg. Kasey has been seeing Dr. Baker for 2 years now and it is amazing the difference we see in him. He now loves to run, hasn’t had a asthma attack or an ear infection in 2 years and has brought his grades up in school from needing assistance in every subject to now being above average on most subjects. Kasey is now reading chapter books and has a 100% in Math. He loves to play football, basketball and baseball. We are so proud of him.

Before we started taking him to see Dr. Baker, Kasey’s self esteem was extremely low after everything he had been through. Now he is extremely happy, loves all sports and full of energy. We are very thankful for Dr. Baker and everything he has done for Kasey. I would and have recommended Dr. Baker to several friends. Thank you Dr. Baker!

The Cook Family


Baker Chiropractic and Wellness chiropractic patient Corey JonesMy particular condition was Kyphosis and minor Scoliosis. I hadn’t really been aware of any sort of problems until around junior high when I started getting mocked for having a hunch-back.  Although it affected my self esteem, it had really just been a superficial annoyance at the time and I just attributed it to being lazy and having poor posture.  As the years progressed, so did the problems and it finally reached a breaking point in the early summer of 2012 where I found myself in constant pain. The pain was so intense that I spent the last part of June and the early part of July in bed with my laptop playing videogames because it was all I felt capable of doing.

In the fall of 2007, I went to a physical therapist twice a week for about a month or two.  After that, I was given a home care kit to do my therapy.  I was lazy and preoccupied with school, so I abandoned my therapy and over time forgot how to do it.  I mainly relied on over the counter pain killers and to a certain extent alcohol to solve my problems, which of course neither helped much.

Physically, I found myself becoming less active on a yearly basis, especially after graduating from high school.  To this day, I have yet to get my driver’s license because sitting in the driver’s seat for an extended period of time would strain my back.  The drive to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle also diminished.  At times I would find myself getting somewhat overweight and at other times, I would find myself drastically losing weight.  This would always align with shifts in my appetite, as I would either be over-eating or going several days without eating very much.  I found myself getting sick at least once every month or so.  My attitude and morale also took a downhill spiral.  I was constantly depressed to the point that I was beginning to feel suicidal and I found myself to be at constant odds with my friends and family.

A friend of my mom’s had been going to another Baker Chiropractic and Wellness location for several years and I had remembered seeing some advertisements for the office, so I decided to look into coming in.

Since becoming a patient, my life has changed in every way imaginable!  I am standing up straight, I feel ready to finally dedicate myself to getting a driver’s license, I’m working out pretty much daily, and I am able to feel changes in my lower back as well.  More importantly, and this is something that I never expected, for the first time in my life I AM TRULY HAPPY!  That may be an understatement actually, as most days I’m feeling nothing short of euphoric!  I’ve never felt closer to my family, friends, and God for that matter!  Every day feels like a gift and a blessing to me and I am filled with nothing but joy to see what every new day brings!  I’ve had several massage therapists so far and each one has been fantastic!  So much so that I can honestly say my massage appointment day is my favorite day of the week.

Dr. Matt Finke and Teresa at the Madeira office have become family to me.  I owe my life to them and it wasn’t just their knowledge or their helpfulness that helped me heal myself; it was their kindness and compassion that provided me with the drive to WANT to heal myself.  Every day when I leave that office, I leave it wanting to be better than when I entered.  I can’t imagine going anywhere else leaving with the renewed joy and energy I get from there.  I have treasured every moment at the Madeira office and I will for the rest of my life.”

Corey Jones

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness featured patient Beth Martin and son JackMy son Jackson’s birth was very traumatic. He was an emergency forceps delivery. He wasn’t breathing upon birth and had to be put on a mechanical ventilator and sent to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital NICU. He stayed there for a week where we were informed that an MRI showed some damage to his brain in the frontal lobe. As a result of his birth trauma and/or the damage to his brain, Jackson’s arm movements and range of motion were drastically affected. He couldn’t lift his arms above his head and he carried his arms in a “bulldog” position.

In trying to address this issue, we were sent first to a physical therapist and then an occupational therapist. Neither could figure out the root of the problem with his arms. The occupational therapist actually referred us to an orthopedic surgeon and suggested that surgery might be a possibility. At that time, Jackson was 5 months old and we were still seeing the same issues with limited range of motion and abnormal posture. I decided it was time to try something else.

I researched a bit and found that the doctors at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness had the best reputation in the area with infants. I made an appointment, not sure what to expect. At our first appointment, Dr. Paul explained that Jackson’s issues were probably caused by the trauma to his neck and spine when the forceps were used at birth. We started out with an intensive plan, going to see Dr. Paul three times a week. Dr. Paul was very gentle with Jackson’s adjustments – Jack generally smiled and babbled the whole time!

Jack is now 7 months old and has a full range of motion after less than 2 months of Dr. Paul’s care. We are very grateful to Dr. Paul and his staff for helping our son. His posture now looks very typical, and every time I see him stretch with his arms above his head, I breathe a sigh of relief!

Beth Martin


Baker Chiropractic Featured Patient Billy Lankford

The pregnancy with my son Billy was very stressful. My labor was induced and after more than 20 hours, he was born healthy. As a baby, he was almost on schedule with all of the normal development stages, except for his speech.

Now 6 years old, Billy was unable to focus on anything and wasn’t sleeping well. There were many days where he just wouldn’t cooperate with me and wouldn’t get along with his siblings. His temper was high, but I thought that was typical for little boys.

Since seeing Dr. Paul Baker for the last three weeks, I have noticed several improvements with Billy. At bedtime, he no longer takes hours to fall asleep nor does he try to nap during the day. When we are doing schoolwork, he is able to sit longer and focus on his tasks. He still needs breaks if he gets overwhelmed.

I absolutely love the changes in Billy. He was always a happy and loving little guy, but now that he is on the road to better health, he is much happier. Every day he asks me if he can see Dr. Paul and get an adjustment.

Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Paul at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness!

– Tracy Lankford


Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Featured Patient JerryMy teenage son awoke one morning with blurred vision and sensitivity to light.  I attributed it to lack of sleep or too much “screen time”, and insisted that he go to school.  I also knew that we had a scheduled visit with an ophthalmologist in a few days.  It had been nearly two years since his eyes had been checked and he was overdue for new lenses.

Not long after arriving at school, he reported to the nurse with a debilitating headache.  I brought him home where he spent the rest of the day on the living room sofa in the dark.  I took him to the pediatrician that evening.  The pediatrician looked into his eyes with a scope and had him read an eye chart.  We were sent directly to the emergency room of a Children’s Hospital.  After four hours and a phone call to a neurologist, the staff pediatrician looked into my son’s eyes with a scope and had him read an eye chart.

The consensus was that he had a migraine headache.

We pretty much suspected that, but I was concerned about the sudden onset of blurred vision, as it might indicate something was immediately going wrong in his brain, like a concussion, aneurysm  tumor … parents think like that, right?

We were relieved to finally be dismissed from the ER, with orders for my son to take a pain reliever and get a good night’s sleep.  If the headaches persisted, we should consult a neurologist who could prescribe a drug for migraine headaches.

The next morning, my son awoke with blurred vision, extreme sensitivity to light, and pain in the back of his head.  The next day was another day on the sofa, taking pain relievers and no school.

Day three went pretty much the same way, except we made a visit to our chiropractor, Dr. Paul Baker.  Dr. Paul told us that his C2 vertebrae was subluxated.  After one adjustment, the relief was immediate.  After two chiropractic treatments, neck traction with a Dakota cushion at home, good nutrition, sleep and back to drinking the recommended daily amount of water, my son’s migraine headaches have not returned.

We continue our regular visits to Dr. Paul.  He and the staff treat us like family. The care is genuine and the results are real. My son has new glasses, too.  He likes to research topics on the internet.  He learned that approximately 20% of teenagers are affected by migraine headaches.  Drugs prescribed for migraines can have serious effects on the liver and heart.  The ocular nerve that affects vision is located by the C2 vertebrae.

Poor posture from staring at a computer screen for long periods can cause subluxations in your spine. We are so grateful to have Dr. Baker straighten things out for us.

Drug free, real cures. That’s what Baker Family Chiropractic is all about.

– Kimberly Flick and son Jerry


My name is Mary (Beth) Hertzenberg and I have been coming to Baker Chiropractic for a little over 3 months. I had been having problems for a while and the office is just down the street from my home, so I decided to make an appointment to see if they could help me. My major health complaints that I shared with Dr. Matt Finke were that my back and knees hurt all the time, even while I was sitting. I could not walk very far because of the pain and I always felt stiff. I was feeling this way for at least 3 to 4 months.

Since starting chiropractic care at Baker Chiropractic, my life has changed more than I thought possible. I can do things that I never thought I could do without pain like walking, kneeling and sitting. I feel like a different person! As a matter of fact, Dr. Matt challenged me to walk to his office before the end of 2010. I did it on New Year’s Eve and it felt great!

If I hadn’t started chiropractic care at Baker Chiropractic, I would not be able to so the things that I like to do. I am an avid gardener but couldn’t get down to do it without hurting or worse, I couldn’t get back up by myself. I think my life is healthier. I have more self-esteem because I feel good. I also feel younger!

The thing that I like best about chiropractic care at Baker Chiropractic is the attitude of Dr. Matt and Cheyenne. They both make me feel comfortable and that I can talk to them about anything. I can ask questions and get answers that I can understand. I like the office because it is casual, comfortable and convenient for me.

Mary (Beth) Hertzenberg


Baker Chiropractic Featured Patient Karen TribbyMy name is Karen Tribby and I came to Baker Chiropractic because I was having trouble with my back and trouble walking. I have been diagnosed with osteopina; complications from having  scoliosis and TMJ in my left upper jawbone.

I went to see Dr. Patrick Baker because I noticed he helped my co-worker, Craig Boykin with his back and walking. Craig has cerebral palsy and he has trouble with his arm being paralyzed and joints that just do not move as they should. I thought if he could help Craig, then maybe I had a chance for help.

I have been to three medical doctors in the past for other medical problems and none helped. It is very frustrating for me because when you have a serious medical problem and you hear the words, “no help”, it is hard to keep your faith in doctors and people in general. To add to my problems, I have a ventro-jugular shunt that is in my skull and I was not sure if Dr. Baker had ever heard of or worked with this type of medical procedure. I was born with hydrocephalus and this is why I have the shunt.

When I first met Dr. Patrick Baker and his staff, I noticed that they are very positive people and are committed to helping their patients live normal and healthy lives.

I began my road to a healthier life with Baker Chiropractic in October, 2011. It has been one year now and I have had amazing results with movement returned to my back, legs, neck and shoulders. I did not realize that these areas were being affected by my back. I will continue my road to a healthier life with Baker Chiropractic for years to come. I want to live my elderly years being healthy and very active.

Thank you very much to Dr. Patrick Baker and his staff, may you continue to keep doing what you do and help people live a much healthier lifestyle!

Karen Tribby


Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Patient of the Month Mary HolbertI became a patient of Dr. Baker on August 5, 2011.  I could barely walk and I was considering taking a leave of absence from work.  The pain was so bad and I had zero energy.

It all started in the Fall of 2007 when I hurt my knee.  My regular physician sent me to physical therapy for my back. I started taking 2-4 Aleve per day.  My back felt better but my knee continued to hurt.  I began to walk funny because of the knee pain.  My whole body got messed up because of my walk.

I was afraid of chiropractic care even though my husband and daughter had been seeing Dr. Baker for over 2 years.  I had no choice but to go because by then I had taken more than 2,820 Aleve over the span of 4 years.  I bought my Aleve from Sam’s Club in the big 500 count bottles and always carried them with me, but now I don’t even think about them.  I also took Benadryl and Sudafed on a regular basis and ever since my first adjustment I no longer have taken either of those.  Also, I had only taken 14 Aleve in the first 2 months of my chiropractic care.

My x-rays showed that I had no curve in my lower back, my spine was crooked and I had a disk pressing into my spinal cord.  I’ll be honest – the first 4-6 weeks of my care, I felt worse and wanted to quit.  Dr. Baker told me to hang in there and that I wasn’t going to get better overnight when it took years to get in this shape.  By the 10th week, I had energy and was able to move again.  Suddenly the pain was disappearing and I was feeling good.  I’m not 100% yet, but I am getting there with regular chiropractic adjustments.  My whole life is changing because of it.  I’m 58 years old and not ready to sit in a rocker for the rest of my life.  I have 8 grandkids with another on the way and a great grandchild due in March.  I want to enjoy life with them.  I would definitely recommend to everyone to try chiropractic first before giving up or having surgery.  Dr. Baker is fantastic and the girls in the office are so sweet and helpful.  They make you feel right at home. And if you hurt at anytime, Olivia and Jess will help with therapy.

My knee feels great now! My husband is a Happy Captain and I am his Happy First Mate. Life is worth living again! Thanks Baker Chiropractic!

Mary Holbert


Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Patient Rich Pohana

Rich Pohana suffered from a severe pinched nerve in his back causing back pain, psoas pain and calf pain. After undergoing corrective chiropractic care, he was able to go on and complete the “Death Valley” bike ride and hike. Rich rode his bike 148 miles, a ride up 13,403 ft of vertical elevation and hiked on foot 11 miles which took him up another 6,140 feet of vertical elevation. Rich stood on top of the mountain and proudly held his Baker Chiropractic Shirt high!



Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Featured Patient Greg MarischenI was in a boating accident 21 years ago and suffered a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury (TBI).  For the last 20 years,  I have been taking eight ibuprofen a day for headaches.

After the first week of adjustments by Dr. Paul Baker at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Red Bank Clinic,  I no longer had headache issues and haven’t taken an ibuprofen in over a month.

This has been truly life changing for me.  I can only imagine the damage all of that ibuprofen was doing to my liver, but what choice did I have?  The pain and stress I was carrying around with me is gone and I feel great.

In addition,  my entire body feels so much better. I have more range of motion now and the aches and pains (primarily in my lower back) that I had learned to live with are gone.  Thanks Dr. Baker!

Greg Marischen

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Featured Patient Matty Patton

Matty has had life-long asthma.  He was diagnosed at one year old after he passed out from having trouble breathing.  He couldn’t run around like an average child without throwing up to the point of passing out.  He also suffered from speech delay, which led to a lot of tears because no one could understand him when he tried to talk.

Matty has had to have his throat scoped and at certain points in his life he has been on as many as twelve (12) different medications a day!  Nothing he was on ever provided enough relief to let him play with his brothers.  He has been in speech therapy since he was nine (9) months old, with mild improvement over the past two and a half years.

Matty wasn’t able to run, jump, or even play without having a severe asthma attack.  Most of the time, this would lead to a trip to the emergency room because he would faint from throwing up so violently.  We had to limit how much he could play because of how bad his asthma was.

We were referred to Dr. Matt by a friend who is a patient at another one of the Baker Chiropractic and Wellness locations.  She kept encouraging me to visit to see if there was anything that could be done to help Matty.

Within one week of being adjusted, Matty’s speech improved in such a major way!  He no longer had chronic fluid in his ears, and therefore his hearing improved dramatically!  His speech went from minimal to explosive within the first two weeks of being adjusted!  At the same time, he was running around and playing hard!  We thought about stopping him from being so active, but we decided to see how he did.  That night he played harder than he ever had before, and for the first time in his life he didn’t need his rescue inhaler!  Since visiting Dr. Matt, we have not used his rescue inhaler once!  Prior to Matty getting adjusted regularly, we were using his rescue inhaler at least once a week every week.

Everyone in the office has been so friendly and has taken the time to answer all of our questions.  We feel like Dr. Matt has given Matty a new life!  We finally feel like Matty has a chance to have a normal life.  He can do everything kids his age can do and more!  We are so grateful for the wonderful changes that we have seen in Matty!

Matty’s Mom

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Featured Patients Kimberly Flick and SonThere I was last summer, coping with months of unemployment and no prospects for work. My adolescent son found refuge from stress and uncertainty through video gaming. When he wasn’t gaming, he was oppositional and agitated.

He lived on soda pop and snacks, lost interest in sports, friends and swimming at the neighborhood pool. His posture deteriorated after spending weeks of summer vacation hunched over the laptop on the floor, addicted to an internet game.

I was busy working up resumes and cover letters, trying to score a job interview. I became concerned at how withdrawn and miserable my son was. He complained of low back and neck pain and not being able to sleep. He didn’t want to attend 7th grade and exhibited mounting social and behavioral problems. He was skipping gym class, being bullied by classmates and his back pain grew increasingly worse. However, I did not want to have more drugs added to the ADHD medications and anti-depressants my son was already prescribed.

Years earlier, I had experienced positive results from chiropractic care. I wasn’t sure if adolescents could benefit, but began searching for a doctor of chiropractic.  I made an appointment with Dr. Paul Baker to have my son’s back checked.

Dr. Baker and the staff of Baker Chiropractic transformed my adolescent son. In less than a year, he has become positive, involved with friends and has developed a self esteem that hadn’t existed before. He no longer has continuous back pain and neck pain. He sleeps well and looks forward to weekly chiropractic adjustments.

Our life has been positively infused in so many ways through the comprehensive health care we both receive at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness.

We now focus on wellness; from what we put into our body nutritionally, to treating the defeatist mindset that had invaded our everyday living. our goal is to no longer use the pharmaceuticals we had relied on to manage the symptoms caused by subluxations in our spine.

I am now happily employed and my son is a successful student. Our health and well being have become integral to a happy life and our future is so much brighter

Our lifestyle transformation is the direct result of chiropractic care from Dr. Paul Baker and his encouraging and caring staff. If you are receptive to the power of positiveness and the healing the results from a subluxation free spine, Baker Chiropractic and Wellness will change your life!

Kimberly Flick 


Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Featured Patient Michelle LewisAfter a knee replacement last summer I thought I was finally going to resume my busy life pain free.  Over the last ten years arthritis had made its claim on me and resulted in two back surgeries, two foot surgeries, an ankle surgery and two knee surgeries.  After years of suffering I made the decision to have a knee replacement and thought it was going to be the answer to my physical challenges.  I wanted to reclaim my active lifestyle as a teacher, performer and sports enthusiast.   The knee replacement itself was successful, but approximately two months after recovering from the surgery I began having horrific back and leg pain again.  This time I was determined to find an answer without surgery.  My son, who is studying to be a chiropractor himself, insisted that I go to a chiropractor.  So, with some hesitation and uncertainty, in January of 2011 I sought treatment withDr. Baker.

I remember my first several visits being overcome with emotion.  Dr. Baker and his staff were warm and welcoming; I immediately felt they genuinely cared.  They gave me hope.   I was impressed with the patient education and realized how uninformed I was regarding the whole realm of chiropractic care.  It was clear that treatment would take time and would require patience and a commitment on my part.  After the first few treatments I could feel a difference.  I improved more and more with each visit. Now, after eight months, I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years and plan to continue chiropractic care as a way of life.

So how has chiropractic care changed my life?  I’m back on the golf course, riding my bike, and enjoying roller coasters again. I’m able to walk long distances and run up stairs.  I’m performing on stage without pain for the first time in years.  But it is in my profession as a music teacher where I have felt the most dramatic results of my treatment.   I’ll never forget the afternoon one of my sweet second grade boys smiled at me after we had just been dance partners in class.  The innocent sincerity of his words warmed my heart and will remain etched in my memory.   “I am so happy you can dance with us again, Mrs. Lewis.”   Thank you, Dr. Baker.  Thank you for giving me my life back!

Michelle Lewis


My name is Adrienne Nguyen-Storer and I am 10 years-old. I am a gymnast and compete for the USAG Level 5 team at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy (CGA) in Fairfield, Ohio. I started going to Doc (Patrick) Baker because I hurt my back and when I did certain skills, like my tap swings on bars or my backwalkover, my lower back would hurt. My mom said that with all of the tumbling and swinging that I do during gymnastics sometimes my body needs help to get better and stay healthy.

I went to a different doctor and his help only lasted for a little while. I liked going to Doc Baker’s office right away, because everyone is so nice and I get to see Ms. Krista too! After about three weeks of seeing everyone at Baker Chiropractic my back wasn’t hurting nearly as bad as it was before. Every now and then it still hurt to do my backwalkover though and I would go see Doc and it would feel better right away. After another couple of weeks of seeing Doc Baker I was completely pain free!  He even took care of my foot when that started hurting!

My back doesn’t hurt at all any more but I still love going to see everyone at Doc Baker’s office and getting my treatments and adjustments. What I think is really funny, is that a lot of parents and gymnasts from CGA go and see Doc Baker now. He makes all of us feel better!

Adrienne Nguyen-Storer


I started seeing Dr. Paul in December 2009 after I had been experiencing chronic lower-back pain.  It wasn’t to the point of being debilitating but I knew it wouldn’t correct itself and it was affecting my ability to run.  Within a couple of weeks of therapy I was running pain-free for the first time in 14 years!

Amazed by the results I wondered if Dr. Paul could help our oldest son, Aidan, who was born with a foot deformity called metatarsus adductus.  The foot specialist’s plan was to put our energetic, then-3-year-old, son in a cast for 6 weeks with physical therapy to follow.  We didn’t want him to go through that so we thought we’d see what Dr. Paul could do.  Using massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments, Aidan’s foot made drastic improvement.

My wife, Carrie, also started seeing Dr. Paul for her ailments and she experienced pain relief as well. During her pregnancy with our third son, she visited Dr. Paul, which helped with discomfort she was experiencing.

Our middle son, Harrison, was getting sick quite often and the adjustments Dr. Paul performed helped his immune system.

We really appreciate the professionalism Dr. Paul and his quality staff provide while also giving each patient that personal touch.  Our boys are always excited to see the Baker Chiropractic staff make themselves right at home!  We feel like a part of Baker Chiropractic family and because of this, we have encouraged our friends and family members to see him.

We’re so grateful for what Dr. Paul’s and his staff’s knowledge and expertise have been able to do for our family.  Thank you so much!

Adam Kasel and Family


To awake in the morning and go through the entire day without a conscious thought of lower back pain, could be considered a miracle for me. Having lived with chronic back pain most of my adult life;  having had two major spinal surgeries (including physical therapy) and possibly facing a third, my son Kent encouraged me to try chiropractic help from Dr. Baker before I went under the knife again.

Reluctantly, I agreed and began therapy about a year and a half ago. It was slow progress in the beginning with three visits a week. Eventually, the sessions decreased to two and finally once a week. Over the past year, I have had minor set backs (but bounce back more quickly) mostly due to excessive exercise or long distance walking. Dr. Baker discovered that my arches were breaking down and prescribed orthotics for my walking shoes. What a difference this has made!

My quality of life has so changed!! What Dr. Baker has done to enhance and improve it is beyond words. My bucket list has increased twofold: so far this year, I bought that little red convertible (makes me feel 25 years younger), traveled on my own to locations that some can only dream about and plan to do lots more before I reach 100.

Kudos to you Dr. Baker and your team of excellent caring staff!

Joyce Smith


Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Patient Beth McCormickI have been a patient of Dr. Paul Baker’s since June 2010. I started treatment at Dr. Paul’s Red Bank facility for low back pain issues. Dr. Baker is a very “holistic” doctor, concerned about the patient’s entire health. I had been taking a statin for high cholesterol since April of 2010, prescribed by my cardiologist. After about 4 months, I started experiencing severe pain in my hip and hand joints. Dr. Baker recommended that I stop taking the statin and try a natural supplement to treat the high cholesterol.

I began a regimen of taking EFAs – Essential Fatty Acids along with Niacin (Vitamin B).  My cholesterol was tested at 259 (HDL-45, LDL-175, Triglycerides-195 ). After being on the all-natural regimen for 3 months, my cholesterol dropped to 197  (HDL-82, LDL-99, Triglycerides-81 ). I was amazed at the increase in HDL without adding any exercise. I am expecting even better results once I increase exercise and have been on this all-natural regimen for a longer period of time. Thank you Dr. Baker!

Beth McCormick

I have been coming to Dr. Patrick Baker since March. Prior to becoming a patient, I experienced constant and severe pain as well as dizziness. However, those symptoms are no longer an issue!
I used to take muscle relaxers and pain medicine, but since I’ve been coming to Dr. Baker’s office I no longer need them. The constant pain would sometimes keep me awake at night. Now I am sleeping better and without pain. At home, I would leave certain chores go undone because I was unable to do them without having severe pain. That has been changed around since becoming a patient. Now I feel like I am actually accomplishing things at home. There were many days at work where I would actually pray to get through my shift because the pain was so intense. However, I am no longer having that problem because most of the pain has subsided.

Another issue I had prior to becoming a patient was vertigo. Every time I would turn my head, I felt very dizzy. It became a regular occurrence but after getting adjusted, the dizziness stopped.

The added bonus of being Dr. Baker’s patient is that he and his staff are all wonderful! I feel like I have gained a bunch of new friends!

Sharon Thomas

In April of 2010 I suffered from major low back pain. So much so that I had to walk bent over to be somewhat comfortable. I was referred to Doctor Baker by a fellow co-worker. I scheduled my appointment and in I went. Little did I know this would be a life-changing event not only for me but my entire family. Besides low back pain I also suffered from dizziness, blurred vision and chronic muscle fatigue and tightness. After months of prior research I secretly believed I had MS. Well, at least that’s what all the symptoms on web MD told me.

After my first visit I felt immediate relief. After only a month of adjustments at three times week and lower back exercises given by Dr. Bakers staff, my episodes of blurred vision, dizziness and muscle fatigue seemed to literally disappear. Oh yeah….. I was walking tall!

Later that year my youngest son was diagnosed with his 9th ear infection. I made Dr. Baker aware of the situation and he immediately said he could help. After several conversations with my wife she felt very uncomfortable having our nine month old adjusted. So…….we were referred by his pediatrician to have tubes put in his ears. After only two weeks his ear infections were back. We hated seeing our little guy in pain. My wife finally agreed to have him evaluated by Dr. Baker. That week we brought both of our sons in. After only one adjustment his ear infection was gone. Both my sons have now been seeing Dr. Baker for several months. Still no ear infections and my six year old has excelled drastically in his sports.

Dr. Baker not only helped my entire family regain our health, he taught me how eat clean and exercise correctly. In only four short months I lost 50lbs, 5 inches off my waist and went from 33% body fat to 18%. I also was finally able to do my first pull up of my adult life. Sad but true!

Dr. Baker is not your average Doctor. He goes above and beyond and practices what he preaches. I am glad to have found his wonderful practice. I personally feel that not only have I found the BEST doctor out there but I have also gained a great friend and mentor. I recommend  everyone I know to him. I have learned that traditional medicine such as painkillers and antibiotics are NOT the answer. I believe in everything this man preaches.

Don’t just make one visit and hope it helps. Continue on with his health maintenance plan and you will be a new person. I know I am!! You will enjoy every visit with him and his incredible staff. Thank you again to Baker Family Chiropractic!!

Jared Fox

We are the Dickman family: Brian, Stacy, Aubrey, and Tyler. We have been patients of Dr. Baker since August. Doc and his staff are helping us live happier, healthier lives, one adjustment at a time.

I (Stacy) first came to Doc because of continual back pain. At my consultation I mentioned that I have a condition the doctors have labeled neurocardiogenic syncope, which causes me to faint frequently. I had never met anyone who had experience with this until Doc informed me that he has handled patients with this: he was sure he could help. I can’t say that I believed him right away, but that has changed! One Sunday I had two episodes and continued to suffer from vertigo and pain into Monday. I went to Doc’s that afternoon and in just one adjustment my dizziness subsided! He sent me for a massage, where his staff eased a lot of the pain and the headache. I was amazed and so thankful!

Tyler is a champion for Doc. He started to get adjustments after struggling with an ear infection for three continuous months with no relief from antibiotics. Each two week cycle the course of antibiotics became stronger, and our one-year-old boy was not getting better. When the pediatrician told me that we were looking at tubes I was determined to find something else. I happened to mention Ty’s issue at Doc’s one day; he gave me information on how chiropractic can help. We were desperate to find an alternative to surgery, so we decided to try it. After just three adjustments his ears were clear! Two weeks later he had a reoccurrence. This time we went straight to Doc. We decided to hold off on the antibiotics. And again, three adjustments later he was clear! This is such a relief to me as a mom, and our boy is as happy as can be!

Brian and Aubrey decided to begin seeing Doc in a proactive manner. Their bi-weekly adjustments keep them lined up and functioning in a healthy manner. We know that we will be healthier and happier if we can let our bodies work as they were designed. The staff treats each of us as real people, including our kids. Tyler is often in Krista’s arms, and Danielle and Courtney let Aubrey color at the front. The office is a wonderful and comfortable environment that my kids enjoy. Ty even climbs on the table by himself at nineteen months!

We are blessed to have Dr. Baker and his staff as our doctor! Thank you for everything!

Stacy Dickman

Baker Chiropractic Patients The Locke FamilyMy husband and I are both 25 years old with a 6 month old son. I had severe lower back pain and sciatic nerve problems that seemed to never go away. While I was pregnant, my back got worse. I did not seek chiropractic care during this time, but when my son was 8 weeks old, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. Dr. Baker’s office was recommended to me by family and coworkers. I decided I would try their office because I knew I didn’t want any pain medicine at this young of an age. Dr. Baker sat down with my husband, son, and me taking the time to explain the problems going on with my back. During the consultation, I was given different papers talking about chiropractic care and what they can do. At this point in time, my son had been on an antibiotic for his ear infection for about 5 days (with little to no help for his fussiness/pain). I noticed on the papers I was handed that babies can be adjusted for ear infections… so I asked about that as well. Dr. Baker explained about the adjustments he could do for our little man and how it’s never good to get on the “cycle of antibiotics”. That night was Zeke’s first adjustment. The next day, he stopped tugging at his ears. About a week later (after seeing what Doc can do), my husband was treated for his stiffness/soreness in his back and neck.

About a month into my treatment, I went to my family doctor for an ear infection. This wasn’t just any normal ear infection for me. I let it go and didn’t tell anyone about it until the whole side of my face hurt to physically touch. My family doctor told me the ear canal was bright red and I had a ton of fluid in my ears, and then gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. At this point in time, I was still a bit skeptical about Doc being able to help with ear infections (sorry Dr. Baker!), so I decided this would be the test. If he could help me get rid of this horrible pain/infection, I wouldn’t doubt him anymore. I got adjusted right after my appointment with my family doctor. My ear/face still hurt that night, so I decided that if it still hurt the next day, I would go get the antibiotic filled and start taking it. But I didn’t have to. The next morning, I woke up and the pain was almost completely gone! I was amazed! The morning after, the pain was gone. I did not have to take any antibiotics. That’s when there was no doubt in my mind that Zeke not getting ear infections wasn’t just coincidence. It was all about his chiropractic care!

Now, we are on maintenance care and feeling great. I don’t have the pain I used to have, my husband’s stiffness went away, and my son hasn’t had an ear infection since (and sleeps better after being adjusted—great for us!). I can’t imagine where we would be right now without the Baker Chiropractic staff. I’m sure Zeke would have had at least one set of tubes in his ears (multiple surgeries during his 6 months of life) and we would have been sore, in pain and sleep deprived at 25. We’re so glad we came and got treated when we did. Thank you so much Baker staff!

The Locke Family (Tim, Melanie & Zeke)


Baker Chiropractic Patient Sandy MazukMy lower back really started bothering me in February of this year (I thought I pulled something when I moved into my new house.)WRONG!

My family Doctor gave me muscle relaxers, pain pills, and anti inflammatory.After a week or two with NO relief, he changed the medications around and I was still receiving NO relief.I was in complete agony for almost three months.A co-worker told me about Dr. Baker.I called that day, May 3, 2010 and got in that same day.After reviewing my x-rays, I found out I had many problems (not from my move) subluxation, degeneration, and pinched nerves in my lumbar.Along with all of that my hips were off!

I have to admit, the first three weeks of coming here were very difficult.I really did not know if I could continue but what kept me going were the stories that I was hearing from other patients while I was waiting to get adjusted.It is amazing how many people Doc has done wonders for.After three weeks of coming three times a week I started having little relief.Here it is four months later and I am so glad that I did not give up on Doc.I feel so much better, sure I have some days with a little discomfort but when that happens I just add an extra day that week to get adjusted. (I am now down to once a week!)

A couple of weeks ago I had an asthma attack.I was skeptical on where to go.It was either my asthma specialist (which was closing in 45 minutes) or go to Dr. Baker’s.Danielle said, “Come here, come here!”So off to Dr. Baker’s office I went.I had already used an emergency inhaler and it did not work and I started to panic which is not a good thing with asthma!While at Doc’s I received EMS, roller bed, and then a massage.Massage? For asthma? I said.I trusted Doc with his recommendations and after my massage with Chris and then an adjustment with Doc my lungs were totally opened!I really was amazed but I should have known he could help me, after all that’s why Doc wanted to grow up and be Chiropractor.He had asthma as a child.

You will not find any other Doctor office like this one.Everyone truly is there to help everyone.They are caring, friendly, and just all around great people.Thanks to Dr. Baker, Jennifer, Danielle, Krista, Courtney, and Chris.

Sandy Mazuk

I had been in pain most of the time (back, hips, and knees).  On my very first visit to Dr. Baker, he immediately saw one of my problems; one hip was higher than the other!  Then my x-rays confirmed his diagnosis, and it also looked like my spine was beyond repair!

After about two months of treatment at Baker Chiropractic (massage, therapy, adjustments, etc.), I am feeling 90% better.  I am sleeping through the night (without all the restlessness), my cholesterol and blood pressure have dropped, and my tennis game has improved significantly!

With the results that Dr. Baker has helped me to achieve, I can not thank him and his effective/friendly staff enough.

Dr. Baker has made me a believer of Chiropractic care!   I am feeling great, and I am proud to say I go to Baker Chiropractic!

Marilyn Weil

Last year, nearing the age of 70 I had three choices: 1. Have a back operation, 2. Use a cane and wheelchair or 3. Live my life on pain pills. Being an active grandmother of four this wasn’t on my agenda. Doctors told me there were discs pinching my nerves that were causing sciatica pain to travel down my left leg into my foot. Excruciating  migraine headaches also caused more pain creating the need for pain pills. I decided to try one more thing desperately hoping it would work. After limping into the office of Baker Chiropractic and filling out a medical form, one question being, on a scale of 1-10, ten being severe, what is your level of pain? Mine was 10 and 1/2. After giving me an x-ray and discussing my problems Dr. Paul Baker told me that he could decrease my pain and I would have no need for pain pills.

Within the first few visits there was definite relief. the exercises, therapy and adjustments caused the migraines to go away first. My leg was a different story though.  With each visit Dr. Paul assured me that the pain didn’t occur overnight and that he would correct my problem. I have come to find out that as one matures it takes a little longer to heal. Due to Dr. Paul’s continued expertise in releasing muscle tightness, knowledge of the body and continuing adjustments my pain level has decreased 95%, which he has told me will be down to 0 very shortly.

Now I can walk 3 miles everyday, shop at the mall for 4 hours, dance with my granddaughters (taught them how to jitterbug) and take vacations requiring sitting for long periods of time, without the need of pain pills. Dr. Paul and his staff are very friendly and efficient. I sing their praises to all my friends and truly thank the day I walked into the office of Baker Family Chiropractic.

Gloria McGurrin

Jan Koenig“To start off, I am a 55 year old female accountant. I originally injured my back in junior high school. Every few years after that, my back would go out, and I would be in agony for months, until it basically worked itself out. Over the years I had tried various methods (pills, therapies, creams, etc) and doctors and the pain would go away for a while, only to eventually come back.

Six years ago, it happened again – my back went out and it was so painful that I could barely walk. It just so happened that at that time I worked in a building directly across from Baker Chiropractic. I had no idea who Dr. Baker was or exactly what chiropractic could do, but I was in such pain that I decided to call and find out if they could help. (I was willing to try anything!)

And, while the first treatment didn’t cure anything, it definitely felt like a step in the right direction. Within a week, the pain was down to a bearable level. Two to three months later, the pain was gone.

My first visit also included x-rays, and I later had an MRI of my back as well, which showed that I actually have Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower back. Amazingly, Dr. Baker was the first doctor (in all these years I have been suffering) to actually diagnose what was really going on with my back!

Today, I am not only still pain-free, but, thanks to Dr. Baker introducing me to BEAT Personal Training, I am stronger and fitter than ever! In fact, I just competed in May at the Women’s National Power lifting Championships in Cleveland and won first place in my weight class and age group.

Believe me; I never would have been able to do that without Dr. Baker and staff backing me up (literally!)”
Jan Koenig
Accountant (and Master Power lifter)

My name is Brandon and I am 11½ years old.  I’ve been coming to Dr. Paul Baker’s office for a short while.  I started after my mom came in for treatment.  I was dealing with headaches for a couple of years due to cracking my neck a few times throughout the day.  Since I have been coming to Dr. Paul Baker for treatment, I have had NO headaches and rarely ever crack my neck anymore!  Dr. Paul also has a funny way of making me laugh!  I am telling anyone that has headaches or any body pains to come see Dr. Paul Baker……he’ll make you feel better!  Brandon

I came to Dr. Baker back in February 2008. I was having neck pain and my blood pressure was elevated. After doing some x-rays, we found out my neck had no curvature, my hips were off by 14 millimeters which is a lot in the chiropractic field and my back needed some adjusting. Since then Dr. Baker has been able to decrease my neck pain and reduce my blood pressure to a normal level. I’m scheduled to have follow up x-rays in September when I go to a monthly maintenance schedule. I’m sure my neck and spine will be greatly improved thanks to Dr. Baker.

I also want to comment on Dr. Baker’s staff. Jennifer, Courtney, and Danielle are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They definitely make you feel like you’re at home when you’re in the office. They are always willing to help you and answer any questions that you may have. I wish more doctor’s offices were like Dr. Baker’s office.  Chad Weber

My wife and I both suffered back injuries due to accidents.  She was first to discover Dr. Baker and always returned home touting his sincerity and skill. Consequently, when I became injured, it was only natural for me to seek his help.

Through the weeks and months, Baker Chiropractic has provided us with consistent care, along with a pleasant and clean atmosphere. As a result, both our physical conditions have continued to improve, and we have made great strides towards becoming pain free. Through Dr. Baker’s consistent therapy, I have been able to forego pain medications for over a month now and we are ever hopeful of being able to resume the normal activities of our lives.

Dr. Baker and his caring staff went out of their way to make us feel like a part of them.  Their attention to our needs has been unparalleled.  Needless to say, we would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Pastor James S. and Nichole M. Johnson

Words are inadequate to express my deep gratitude and affection for the Baker Chiropractic Center family. I entered their doors with help walking because of the excruciating and debilitating pain in my back and leg. I met with Dr. Baker who immediately assured this blubbering mass of a broken person that he could help me. I was skeptical until talking with him, because three attempts with other professionals did nothing for me. I accepted his challenge and started treatment immediately,because I knew in my heart, that my healing had just begun.

After two weeks I felt like dancing (of course, I didn’’t –– I wanted to, but didn’’t). I am better, not only because of the knowledgeable and aggressive treatment of Dr. Pat and Darren (my massage therapist) and the helpfulness and kindness of Jennifer, Courtney and Danielle, but also because everyone assured me that they would get me well. Their consistent and uplifting attitude was reassuring and healing. Their friendliness was endearing. I feel like part of the family. I have also met manywonderful patients, as we share our stories with each other. My continuing treatment and rehab keeps me coming back. They will not release me until I am
strong enough that this will never happen again. Then –– on to their personal trainer at BEAT!
I have become their greatest cheerleader, spreading the word to everyone I know who has a pain anywhere, to visit them, so they too can receive the healing that I have received over the past few weeks. Help me spread the word of this wonderful team –– they are the best act in town!
I’’ve given serious consideration to dropping their business cards and pamphlets from an airplane over Cincinnati. As of this writing, my husband has not agreed to it yet. Keep looking up!
With a grateful heart,
Judy Gilman

After much speculation and debate, I decided to succumb to the circumstances and pay Dr. Baker a visit.  My newborn daughter, Kendall, had severe feeding issues in that she would spit up most of what she ate at every feeding.  In the hospital she would gag and gasp for air it was so severe.  I was told that she was having these issues because she was born in less than 40 minutes and it was too quick for fluids to leave her system naturally through the birthing process, and that it would soon cease.  After nearly one month of this happening I took her to the pediatrician who diagnosed her with severe acid reflux and prescribed Zantac.

Administering this medicine (for the short time in which I did) was the cruelest thing I have done to any of my children.  Although it did seem as if it helped slightly with her gagging and the reflux, the medicine itself was so potent that it would burn my eyes upon smelling it.  When I (attempted) to give it to her she would gag, hold her breath and spit it right back at me, and her eyes would water also.  After only a few doses, I didn’t feel like the side effects of the medicine were worth the benefits, and that there had to be a better alternative.  It was then that I was recommended to see Doc.

The more I thought about Kendall’s upcoming chiropractic experience, I began to think of other concerns I had.  She was always holding her head to one side, and never seemed to develop neck muscles and head control as my other children had at her age.  I wasn’t quite sure if this was a cause for worry, but it was definitely something that I wanted to address.  Our initial meeting with Doc was comforting, informative, and assuring.  He addressed all of my questions, and assured me that this was my first step toward living a happier, healthier life for Kendall, myself, and the rest of my family.  I was informed that Kendall had a case of Torticollis, and that with adjustments I would see great improvement.  So I entrusted Dr. Baker, a father of small children himself, with one of my precious gifts from God and put her health and her future in his hands.  For her first adjustment my initial nervousness quickly subsided as I witnessed something amazing.  He held her softly between his hands and did his work, and as he did so, she smiled at him and cooed softly putting me to ease.  She thoroughly enjoyed what she was experiencing and there seemed to be a weight lifted off my shoulders.  Later that night Kendall was in great spirits, and seemed to be less fussy that usual.  She was also holding her head up slightly better than usual.  I initially played this off as coincidence until our return visits with Doc.  The next time we went, I decided to get adjusted – after all, I had chronic back problems from a wreck and my 50lb+ weight gain from all of my pregnancies had not helped!  I walked out of his office feeling like a new person.  Instead of walking around and living with a constant ache, I felt something that could not be expressed in words – I literally felt nothing.  Kendall and I visited Doc on a regular basis and after just a few visits Kendall’s acid reflux had seen a tremendous improvement, and she was holding her head upright as if there had never been a problem.  But, most importantly for the both of us, she began sleeping for more than three hours in a row!

My other children have also begun reaping the benefits of chiropractic.  My youngest son Kayden, who is two, saw Doc for the first time after an accident in which he received several staples in his head.  Doc initially adjusted his neck, but after gaining Kayden’s comfort and confidence, he adjusted his back as well.  On several occasions Kayden has asked for “Doc to treat neck”, and we went to see him!!  He even knows the routine and sits patiently in his chair, hands in his lap, for his turn, and then runs to the table and positions himself accordingly for his back adjustments.  My five-year-old daughter and son both have been adjusted and they too, have asked on several occasions to see Doc when they were not feeling well.  My husband is a landscaper and does snow removal and is constantly on his feet, and constantly saying how badly his back feels.  After just one visit he felt tremendously better, and will be returning especially with the grueling winter months ahead of him!

There is no stereotypical chiropractic patient.  We come from different backgrounds with different prior experiences, different symptoms, and different goals for relief.  Everyone can truly benefit from chiropractic, as I have learned over the past few months, especially with my own family.  We all have different symptoms and concerns ranging from acid reflux, constipation, head and neck trauma, ADHD, ear infections, and more!  And yet, we all unite under one common ground, that being relief we seek from visiting with Dr. Baker.  I have suggested to several family members and friends the benefits they too could achieve.  I would never force or insist chiropractic care upon anyone.  I would however, ask that anyone and everyone simply try it one time, and let it speak for itself.  They too, would be a life-long patient of Baker Family Chiropractic!

Thank you Doc, Jennifer, Danielle and Courtney for truly make a difference in all of our lives!  We are eternally grateful!

The Cortright Family,

Angie, Kyle, Kylee, Will, Haley, Kayden and Kendall

A few months ago my infant daughter, Lorelai, was having severe gas pains regularly and she wasn’t pooping very often.  I took her into the Pediatrician when she was 4 months old and he said that it was normal for some breastfed babies to go 7-10 days between bowel movements and that she was okay.  Then, when she was 5 months old, I took her to another Pediatrician since the problem had not gone away and was worse.  I wanted to know what I could do to alleviate her pain.  The doctor said that I should start her on regular foods (which I had put off starting because of the problem) and that the problem would most likely correct itself within the next MONTH!  So, there I was with a five-month-old child who was having horrible gas pains on a DAILY basis and she wanted me to wait a whole MONTH for things to get better!  I was really upset because this had already been going on for quite some time and we were at a point when neither of us could take it anymore.  She was in pain and so was I because I hated to hear my baby cry when I couldn’t do anything to help her.

So, I asked my chiropractor, Dr. Paul Baker, if he thought he might be able to help me.  He said he’d be more than happy to adjust her and he was confident he could help, so I brought her in.  I was very hopeful, but didn’t really know what to expect.  Dr. Paul adjusted her back and neck and that night she pooped!  We were thrilled because it had been so long since she had done that.  I brought her in one week later and again, she pooped that night.  Then she pooped the next morning and a couple more times that week.  I went back each week for about 6 weeks and things just kept getting better and better.  It really only took four adjustments before she was perfectly normal again.  She is now a pooping machine and I couldn’t be happier.  She is 9 months old and as happy as can be!  I can’t remember the last time she had gas pains!  It’s a wonderful thing!  I very much appreciate Dr. Paul and how great he is with my whole family and I’m grateful he was there to help me at a time when the Pediatricians didn’t know what to do.  It was truly an answer to our prayers.

Thank you, Dr. Paul!


I had been experiencing a nagging lower back issue for several months and the pain had reached a point at which I could no longer run (a life-long routine) or sit comfortably at work. During a conversation my neighbor Joe recommended Dr. Baker to me. Joe had been pleased with the improvement in his own back and leg pain as a result of treatments from Dr. Baker. I took Joe’s recommendation and set an appointment with Dr. Baker.

After reviewing my condition Dr. Baker described the treatment plan he would be using on me and began the process of treating the issues that years of running had created. After only a few visits there was an immediate noticeable improvement and after a few weeks I was able to run comfortably again, sit without pain and felt generally better during any other activities.

Dr. Baker and his staff were always friendly, helpful and professional. I appreciated the time that Dr. Baker took to explain my spinal issues using my x-rays to point out the areas that need attention and the treatment plan that he would use.

The results were great and the positive attitude and environment that Dr. Baker and his staff create made the healing process simple and effective. I can, and have, recommended Dr. Baker and his staff to others. There is simply no reason to put off a visit when you are experiencing pain and discomfort.

Thank you Dr. Baker,
Tony Schrank

When Brooke was three months old she was diagnosed with torticollis. Torticollis is the tightening of the muscles on one side of the neck causing the baby to took in only one direction. She was referred to start physical therapy right away. During our first visit with the PT, we were told torticollis could also cause a flattening of the skull on one side or the back of the head, known as Plagiocephaly. This looked like the direction we were heading, which would result in Brooke wearing a helmet for six months; 23 hours a day.

When we started physical therapy they said it would take at least eight months to see any real improvement. Mind you, we were dealing with a very uncomfort.able, fussy baby which called for many sleepless nights. More importantly, how would this condition affect her development; her motor skills.

Eight months seemed like an eternity. I was so discouraged and felt really helpless. One day I was talking to our home health care nurse about Brooke’s condition and how I was feeling. She told me her neighbor’s son also had torticollis and was treated by Baker Chiropractic. She said he was much more comfortable and sleeping a lot better and recommended I give them a call.

I was a little skeptical. I had heard so many different opinions of chiropractic care, but at this point was willing to try anything. I can honestly say, this is the best thing I could have done for her.  After only 10 visits, there is a dramatic improvement in Brooke’s condition. She is like a totally different baby. To look at her now you would never know there was ever anything wrong with her. She holds her head straight, looks in either direction, (sleeps thru the night!!!) and is a much much happier baby.  Needless to say, I am a much much happier mommy!!

I recently took Brooke back to the PT and they themselves were quite impressed with the progress.  Turns out, she won’t be needing that helmet afterall. To go from facing eight long months of therapy, to results after 10 adjustments is such a relief and truly amazing. I was so afraid we would miss out on the joy of our baby’s first year.

I cannot say enough how grateful we are to Dr. Baker and his staff. Everyone there has been so great to work with. They are always so friendly and genuinely happy to see us. As a mother of four little ones walking into a doctor’s office, that’s not usually the response I get.

Thank you so much for your dedication in helping Brooke. You have given us back those eight months and lifted a great weight off of our family – I just can’t thank you enough for that!!

Stephanie Garrison

For most of 2007, I was devastated with a crippling lumbar herniation. I had received 2 unsuccessful steroid injections and then rejected an invitation to meet a surgeon. In October of that year, knowing I could not live with that pain, I sought the help of Baker Family Chiropractic. Within one month, I had gained significant relief. Within 6 months, I had resumed most general activities. Within 1 year, I was riding rollercoasters again! I continue to see Doctor Paul twice a month for strengthening and maintenance, and I am so grateful that I have been able to resume a very full, active life. Just this week, I have danced salsa, biked 20 miles, completed 3 exercise videos, walked 8 miles and held down a 60 hour work week. Next week, I will be zip lining through the trees. Not bad for a 47 year-old-girl who 2 1/2 years ago couldn’t even bend to put on her socks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Connie Ellington

“My name is Anna and I did not believe in chiropractic care.

About 5 years ago I was having severe numbness in my hands ….my career as a dental hygienist could be coming to an end. A friend persuaded me to see her chiropractor. NOW I DO BELIEVE!!!! After one visit I could feel the numbness going away and the color returning to my finger tips. But that wasn’t the only benefit of that visit. For years I had suffered with what I thought to be a “lazy eye”. Within one hour after the adjustment my eye, which by the end of the day would be half closed, was completely open. My husband and my best friend commented on it at a dinner party that night. After a series of adjustments I have my numbness under control, my eye stays normal all the time, my asthma is gone, and I am healthier than I have ever been. Because of my job as a dental hygienist (sitting at a chair all day in awkward positions) I go to Dr. Paul every two weeks to stay out of pain and maintain a healthy spine.

Chiropractic care is also good for Vertigo. Four months ago I was in an exercise class and started experiencing severe dizziness and nausea. It was so severe they had to call 911 and I ended up in the emergency room for 6 hours. I left with mega drugs in my system…enough to keep me from vomiting and the room from spinning. For a whole week I suffered, continued the meds, went through numerous tests and no one found anything that would be contributing to the Vertigo. The ENT specialist said it could be inflammation of the inner ear nerve. So after two weeks of meds and not feeling well the vertigo went away…..temporally. About a month ago I had another attack…I was so sick!! I remember someone telling me that a chiropractor had special therapies and adjustments especially for vertigo. I immediately had someone take me to Dr. Paul. Within three days my vertigo was gone. In fact within 24 hours I was able to function without severe nausea. Thank you, Dr. Paul.”
Anna Arment

“When I came to see Dr. Baker, I was in extreme pain from a pinched sciatic nerve. The day I called, I was told I could come in that day. Gayle was so sympathetic on the phone, and I just had a good feeling about the office and Dr. Paul when I got there. He explained everything thoroughly to my husband and me and said he could definitely take care of my problem. He walked me through therapy every step of the way. He is very kind and compassionate. I now come once every two weeks and I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Paul!”
Phillis Vandergriff

“I suffered with back pain for 10 years before coming to see Dr. Baker I am amazed at how much he has helped me and for the first time in 10 years, I have zero back pain. I only wish I had come to see him sooner.”
Debbie Hilton