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My Wrist and Hands Were Swollen and Inflamed But I Finally Found Relief and Have My Life Back!

In May 2015, I grossly injured my bilateral wrists mowing my lawn, a task I formerly enjoyed for over 30 years. Right away, my wrists and hands were swollen and inflamed.

Simple tasks such as turning a key in the ignition, washing and combing my hair, opening jars, writing a letter, opening a car door, shoveling snow, raking the leaves, turning the wheel on my car to make a turn, or brushing my teeth…just to name a few…were excruciating to perform.

Even lying in bed at night, my wrists were throbbing. I could not concentrate since my body was too consumed with pain.

I tried other treatments but over time, nothing seemed to rectify my dilemma and ease the intense pain and inflammation.

This year, I decided to give Baker Chiropractor and Wellness a try. I worked primarily with Dr. Garrett Knuckles and over time, relief was FINALLY on its way!

I am grateful to have my life back again and slowly resume the activities I enjoyed prior to May 2015.*

  • – Maureen D.

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.