Cincinnati Insomnia Relief

Cincinnati Insomnia ReliefTo awake in the morning refreshed and ready to go is a dream for some people. Adequate sleep is critical to your health and overall wellness. Sleep is the body’s time to repair, rejuvenate and prepare for the next day.

When it comes to sleep duration, everyone is different. One person may need 6 hours of sleep each night to be fully rested and energized while the next person may need 9 hours to achieve the same results. Whatever defines the proper amount of sleep for you, the inability to consistently get that sleep takes its toll mentally, emotionally and physically.

Insomnia is a condition where people have some sort of difficulty with their sleep patterns. This includes problems with falling asleep, inability to sleep for consecutive hours or poor quality of sleep.

At Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, we have helping patients suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia for over 20 years. We find the underlying cause of the insomnia and treat it using our safe and effective chiropractic care. Please contact us by calling (513) 561-2273 or Schedule an Appointment here on our website.

We may help you turn your dream of a good night’s sleep into a reality!

Types of Insomnia

Insomnia is classified into three (3) main types:

Transient Insomnia: This type of insomnia lasts for less than one (1) week. It can be caused by another health condition, alterations in your sleep environment, changes to the timing of your sleep, depression or stress.

Acute Insomnia: This type of insomnia lasts for more than one (1) week but less than one (1) month. There is difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep with acute insomnia. When sleep is able to occur, the quality of the sleep is poor and it is not refreshing. Acute insomnia is also referred to as short term insomnia or stress related insomnia.

Chronic Insomnia: This type of insomnia lasts longer than one (1) month. The effects of chronic insomnia can vary. They may include mental fatigue, muscle fatigue and hallucinations. People with chronic insomnia feel like everything is moving in slow motion.

Insomnia from Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a common cause of insomnia, especially in middle-aged and senior adults. While restless leg syndrome is technically a disorder of the central nervous system, it is also classified as a sleep disorder due to how it impacts a person’s ability to sleep. To learn more about restless leg syndrome, please visit the following link: Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

Why Baker Chiropractic and Wellness May Help with Insomnia

Chiropractic care focuses on the body’s overall health. When the body’s central nervous system is optimized and 100% healthy, all systems within the body are functioning properly. When there are interferences (known as subluxations) in the central nervous system, the systems of the body are not able to function at peak levels which can lead to numerous health issues, including insomnia.

Chiropractic care removes subluxations which impact nerves and inhibit the body’s very powerful and innate ability to heal. The best part of chiropractic care is that is does not utilize expensive and risky prescription drugs or surgery.

The best testament to the care provided at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness comes from the results we are able to provide our patients. Here are two (2) stories from patients who suffered from insomnia in their words:

Insomnia Case No. 1


“I suffered from insomnia for over 15 years. I remember the first episode when I was 12 years old like it was yesterday.

I had a pretty traumatic childhood and learned to essentially sleep with one eye open every night. It was always very limiting on my daily activities, even as a child. I always felt very tired and worn down. I never had any energy or desire to do anything and this continued into my adult life. I had to force myself to get out of bed every day due to sheer exhaustion. Any little sound or movement would wake me up at night and it sometimes took me several hours to be able to fall back to sleep.

At about age 18, I started taking over the counter sleep aids. I tried multiple brands for several months, and after awhile each one would stop working because my body adjusted to it so quickly since I needed to take them every night before bed. I eventually went to my primary doctor and later to a neurologist where I was prescribed sleeping pills for many years. We would try one and when it would stop working, I would be given a prescription for something else. This cycle went on for over 10 years. All the pills they put me on would make me feel groggy and tired the next day and it was supposed to help me feel less like that. I felt like I was in a foggy, dazed state. I began to run on auto-pilot and never had a feeling of true “rest”, no matter how much sleep I would get.

I was missing a lot of work due to my lack of sleep. I wasn’t able to spend any quality time with my friends or family. My husband grew very frustrated because I was frequently complaining of being tired and exhausted, and yet I was sleeping more and more. It didn’t make any sense to him why I was so tired every day, and I couldn’t explain it. I never had any energy or desire to do anything, no matter how much sleep the pills gave me. I had not interest in doing anything but laying around and trying to nap. We started to grow apart right under my nose, and I wasn’t aware it was happening until much later.

I had been having some sever pain in my neck and left shoulder for many years, and that’s what prompted my search for a chiropractor. I looked online and found Baker Chiropractic. They were less than a mile from where I worked at the time. When I called the office, I was able to get in that same evening and had my consultation and exam with Dr. Paul Baker. I got to the office and I couldn’t believe how different everything was from all the multiple other doctor’s offices I had been to over the years. They all actually cared about what I was going through. They didn’t want me to be reliant on medication anymore. I remember leaving the office that first night telling myself not to get too excited because I had no prior success.

After making the decision that I didn’t want to keep taking pills anymore, I slowly weaned off my heavy dose of prescription sleeping medications with the help of Dr. Paul. Over time, I was able to fall asleep on my own! That was something that I hadn’t been able to do for so many years. It took about 4-5 months to have a good night’s sleep with absolutely no pills whatsoever. I never gave up, even though there were some nights that I only slept for an hour or two. I now sleep without the aid of any sleeping medications, natural or prescription, and I am able to sleep through the entire night! I am getting deep, restful, and productive sleep. Something that I thought would never be possible. I am able to function and have so much energy and drive throughout the day, even when I have to get up before the sun comes up!

Before becoming a patient of Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, I was all around miserable. I had so many health problems, most of which I had been struggling with for over half my life. None of my many doctors before Dr. Paul Baker gave me any answers, solutions or hope. Their short-term treat was always medication. Since being under Dr. Paul’s care, I have been able to get off over 10 different medications. I was taking most of those medications every day.

The staff at Baker Chiropractic was always genuinely concerned and caring, and they helped me through every situation and frustration. The many changes that I experienced were so profound that I accepted a position with Baker Chiropractic about two months into my care. Not only do I have the ability to live medication free, I have become a completely different person inside and out. I am able to share my personal experiences with our patients and help them realize what so many people don’t seem to know; there is a better way!

Every day I am grateful for the opportunity to live a happy, healthy life and I could not have done it without Baker Chiropractic!” – T. Gadrow

Insomnia Case No. 2


“I just want to start out by saying that all chiropractors are not the same. Like any profession, there are average ones and there are great ones.

Back in high school, I had seen a chiropractor (not Baker Chiropractic) for low back injury as a result of an accident I had been in. At that time, he took a series of x-rays which he pointed out the straightness of my neck along with my lower back injury. He mapped out a treatment plan that consisted of a series of adjustments that concentrated on my lower back. That was it.

Through the years my sleep decreased little by little to the point where I was getting only about 2 hours of sleep per night. I took over the counter medications which left me the entire next day. That just wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to live that way. I tried some all natural remedies like melatonin and herbal teas, but those didn’t help at all.

I had pretty much given up all hope when a good friend of mine asked me to meet Dr. Paul Baker at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. My friend seemed sure Dr. Paul would be able to help me. I took his advice desperate to get relief, but doubtful that Dr. Paul could help me.

After meeting Dr. Paul and listening to him explain how everything is connected, I decided to give him a try. What did I have to lose? Certainly not any more sleep!

Dr. Paul took a series of x-rays similar to the ones I had years ago from another chiropractor. The difference this time was the plan of action. Not only was Dr. Paul going to adjust me, he also added traction exercises as well as a whole new way of life with supplements, eating healthy and getting rid of the toxins in my household.

I have been faithful in the course that Dr. Paul set out for month nearly nine (9) months ago. I’m thrilled to say that I have been averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep every night! Guess you can say I am a believer now. I know my sleep will continue to increase as my body keeps improving. Thanks to Dr. Paul and everyone involved!” – Lynn A.

There is hope for relieving your insomnia. Please give us a call at (513) 561-2273 or Schedule an Appointment at one of our four Cincinnati area office locations.