Chiropractic Care Improves Quality of Life for the Giuliano Family

Our Introduction to Chiropractic Care Where to begin? Dr. Patrick Baker, chiropractic care and the Maximized lifestyle have impacted our family in so many ways. It all began about a year and a half ago in February of 2013. My husband’s boss was being treated by Baker Chiropractic and Wellness and seeing improvements in many areas of his life. He was so convinced of the benefits of chiropractic … [Read more...]

Pauline’s Hearing Loss Was Restored by Chiropractic Care

"It was over a year ago when I noticed that I was having difficulty hearing in my right ear. The left ear was fine, but I had to turn up the volume on the TV, couldn’t always hear my cell phone ringing, and was asking people to repeat themselves.  I thought this was a normal aging process. My husband was having issues with his neck and hips misaligned. He began going to Baker Chiropractic and … [Read more...]

Local Story Shows Why Chiropractic Care Should Be First Choice

Local Surgeon Sued for Medical Malpractice & Charged with Medicare Fraud You may have seen the news coverage this year about Cincinnati area spine surgeon Dr. Atiq Durrani. Dr. Durrani is being sued by more than 150 former patients for medical malpractice. These people are claiming Dr. Durrani performed surgeries on them that were never needed. As a result, their lives have been changed … [Read more...]

An Important Message from Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick

What the Recent Meningitis Outbreak Should Teach Us When a tragedy takes place, we must learn from it and make necessary adjustments to prevent something similar from happening in the future. With the toll from the recent meningitis outbreak in the United States currently at 21 dead and 247 sickened, what can be learned from this terrible and inexcusable event? To put it simply, the lesson … [Read more...]

Get a Free Copy of Our Guide to Chiropractic Care

Learn More About Chiropractic Care   Our free Guide to Chiropractic Care is filled with great educational information about our type of health care and how it may provide you with the answers you have been searching for. Here's an overview of the topics covered in this useful 40- page Guide: Chapter 1:  Background of Chiropractic Care -  A history of chiropractic care and educational … [Read more...]

Get a FREE Report on the Power of Combining Chiropractic Care and Medical Care

There is a misconception that Chiropractic Care and Medical Care cannot be used together. You must choose one over the other. That is NOT at all true. In fact, chiropractic care and medical care are a great combination to provide you and your family with the best health care possible.  Request a copy of Dr. Baker's FREE Report to learn more about the many benefits of using chiropractic and medical … [Read more...]